Just picture yourself casting out a line as the sun kisses your skin and the whole earth feels quiet and still. With its many coves and inlets, Deep Creek has more than 60 miles of shoreline and 3,800 acres perfect for fishing, as well as the nearby Youghiogheny River. It is a popular destination for anglers, and they come from all over to fish at Deep Creek. The lake is the perfect vacation spot for fishing year-round as the different seasons bring unique opportunities to anglers. Located in Garrett County, Deep Creek Lake is home to numerous species you can easily target and catch. Here is everything you need to know about fishing in Deep Creek Lake.

Fishing The Lake

Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland is not only the largest manmade lake in the entire state, but it is also stocked full of fish no matter the season. Some of the most common species caught in the lake are the smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, crappie, and the chain pickerel.  You can also find northern pike, bullhead catfish, bluegill, rock bass, yellow perch, rainbow trout, and brown trout.  You may even stumble upon a few pumpkinseed sunfish. 

You will find many fishermen year-round out on the lake or docks fishing, as even in the winter you can go ice fishing. Some of the fish’s favorite spots to hide are in the coves, so make sure to check a few out if you are looking for dinner. It is common to see people fly fishing, bass fishing, or even using jigs to catch catfish. You can also take advantage of the public fishing area at Deep Creek Lake State Park.

While Deep Creek Lake is the most popular to fish in, there are other, smaller lakes that you may have some luck in as well. Those lakes include Broadford Lake, Herrington Manor State Park Lake, New Germany State Park, and Jennings – Randolph Lake. Please keep in mind that boating restrictions apply to all of the area lakes, and be sure to double-check with each park for their rules and regulations.

Fishing The Rivers

Just when you thought Deep Creek couldn’t get any better you find some of the best stream and river fishing in the Mid- Atlantic region. If you are interested in fly-fishing then the coll mountain-fed streams will be your paradise. The Youghiogheny and Savage Rivers are the two largest rivers in the area and are spectacular for fishing. You can also find a few hidden gems like Bear Creek, the Casselman River, and Muddy Creek.

To access the rivers, most generally have public access spots at all major rivers that will provide parking and sometimes even facilities. With most of the attention being on Deep Creek Lake, the rivers may be a bit less crowded and more serene, if you are interested in that kind of atmosphere.

Ice Fishing

Deep Creek Lake is actually considered a hot spot for ice fishing. Since the lake generally freezes solid in late December or early January and remains frozen until the weather turns, it creates the perfect spot for those interested in ice fishing. The ice can range anywhere from 5-10 inches thick, and the best spot to ice fish is the coves during the early stages of the season and then scattered throughout the lake during the rest of the season. No matter the conditions, you will always spot a few brave souls that are willing to bear the weather to ice fish. 

Additional Fishing Information

Fishing is a wonderful way to experience Deep Creek Lake and all of the other lakes and rivers in the surrounding areas. However, it is important to know the local rules and regulations set in place by DNR. It is vital to make sure your fishing license is up to date when you venture into any water. Be sure to check out the nearest public boat docks if you plan on bringing your boat. You will want to be cautious when navigating your boat in smaller areas of the lake as some are very shallow and you don’t want to bottom out. Though if you are in a shallow area, you are in the perfect spot to go catfishing, as they live in 1-2 feet of water.

Deep Creek Lake is a great time for the whole family or even just a solo fishing trip. Red Barn Vacations has many vacation rentals that can accommodate your whole party as well as your fishing gear. You can even choose from some lakefront properties as well. To book your next perfect fishing trip check here, and start packing your gear! We hope to see you soon out on the lake.