Picture yourself flying down the mountain as you experience a whole new altitude in Deep Creek Lake while mountain biking. A sport commonly called freeriding is making news headlines and you can be a part of it. Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland is the perfect place for mountain biking as it features both beautiful scenery and many mountain bike trails. Wisp Resort offers an entire mountain biking season, available for anyone to use not just guests.  With several different options like classic mountain biking, road biking, and fat-tire biking, the possibilities for fun are endless. Here is everything you need to know about mountain biking in Deep Creek Lake at Wisp Resort. 

Mountain Biking

There are many hiking trails that also double as biking trails as well. At the Wisp Resort, you can weave in and out of the biking trails that are located in between and down their ski slopes. This is a great option for advanced riders or new riders, as not every trail will be downhill. However, don’t fret about getting up the mountain with your bike, the resort will add an attachment to the scenic chairlift ride to take your bike to the top with you. While Wisp is not the only place that is popular to mountain bike in Deep Creek. A few other popular mountain biking spots include Deep Creek Lake State Park, Garrett State Forest, and New Germany State Park. Many parks and recreation areas will offer bike rentals on-site so don’t worry about bringing your own equipment, as well as on-site restrooms. 

Road Biking

Whether you are training for a Triathlon or just interested in going on an afternoon stroll, road biking in Deep Creek Lake is a great way to explore the town. Home to the Savageman Triathlon and the Garrett County Gran Fondo, bikers and athletes from all over the nation travel to Deep Creek Lake to bike these terrains.  The high elevation has proven to be some of the toughest climbs around. If you want to try out some of the trails that the triathlon uses, you can follow the trail maps with routes from previous races. It is important that cyclists are careful as the roads can be slick right after they sweep them.

Fat-Tire Biking

While Deep Creek Lake gets a good amount of snow, that doesn’t mean that biking is no longer an option.  Fat-tire biking, or bikes with oversized tires designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain is the perfect option for those looking to continue biking in the winter. You can go down trails, mountains and even ride on a regular flat surface, making the bike suitable for all seasons. 

Wisp Mountain Biking Information

Wisp Resort has the Fork Run Recreation Area that offers over 8 miles of single-track trail and logging roads that wind in and around the large deciduous forest in the 550 protected areas. There are maps available with where the trails are located, including the trailhead, what type of trail it is, as well as how long the ride will be. This makes it easy to see if you are going through climbing areas, gravel roads, loops, and ledges.  Some of our favorite trails include: High Roller, Easy Does It, Monkey Shine, Squirrel Cage, and the new jump line in the Edgewood freeride park.

There are several different packages you can purchase to ensure getting the most out of your time. They offer a trail and a lift ticket pass in all day, half day, and seasonal options. They also have bike rentals- mountain bikes or freeride bike rentals. Both bike rental includes trail and lift passes, a full face helmet and protective gear. 

Wisp Resort offers bike repair and other services to those using its trail system, so no need to worry when heading to the bike park. It is important to obey all rules and regulations that Wisp enforces. The rules are as followed: ride in control and within your ability level, be aware of people, hikers, and other objects around you, stay on designated trails,  obey all signs, only ride trails during daylight and when the weather permits, stop and yield when crossing a road, make sure your bike is in proper working order. 

No matter what type of riding you decide to do, you will definitely have fun. You can also check out some of their other adventure sports, like the mountain coaster or snow tubing in the winter months. Deep Creek Lake has many vacation rentals available that are more than accommodating for a large group of friends or family, bikes and cargo. At Red Barn Vacations, choose from the finest properties at the lake for your next mountain biking adventure.