Summer and Winter get plenty of love in Deep Creek, but Spring always falls under the radar. We are here to tell you why you simply need to put a Deep Creek visit on your calendar this Spring.

Why Spring is Secretly the BEST Time to Visit Deep Creek Lake:

Reason #1: An Instant Reset 
When life gets hectic, you need to hit pause and head to Deep Creek Lake. Come Spring, you’ll find this place unusually quiet, with limited traffic, but an abundance of nature, wildlife, and opportunities to get outside. This is a place where you can start each day with a quiet stroll along the lakefront, coffee in hand, as the morning mist rolls across the water. It’s the perfect reset and recharge, whether you are working remotely during your trip or not. Instantly, your state of mind is reframed and you are in a better place– literally and mentally.

While summer and winter in Deep Creek are known for their hustle-and-bustle and non-stop fun, Spring needs to be branded in a different way: as an opportunity for an instant reset.

Reason 2: Outdoor Adventures
As mentioned above, the outdoors truly come alive in the Spring. Ask any local, and most of us will tell you that Spring hiking, biking, and boating is some of the best of the year. You can get outside and move without working up much of a sweat, thanks to the brisker temperatures, and even area hot-spots like Swallow Falls State Park tend to be quieter, and more true to nature. Whether you are a hiker, kayaker, biker, or bird watcher– or something else entirely– Spring is a great time to get outside.

Reasons #3: No Wait at Bars and Restaurants 

The title says it all! Your favorite summer and winter restaurants are just as delicious– and the view just as good– in the Spring. But with no wait! That’s right. The locals love the off-season in Deep Creek Lake for this very reason, but there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of this, too! Stroll up to Firewater Kitchen, Dutch’s at Silver Tree, Mountain State Brewing Company, Uno’s Grill, or any of your favorite dining spots and get a fantastic table, right away.


Reason #4: The Lowest Pricing of the Season

There is no need to wait for specials in the Spring, the price shown is guaranteed to be the lowest of the season! Whether you are planning an intimate escape or a reunion among friends, saved money is always a good thing!

Reason #5: Spring is the ideal for hot tubbing! 

Summer can be too hot for some, while Winter can be too cold. The solution? Meet in the middle! Spring is brisk enough to crave a warm dip, but warm enough that you don’t freeze on the way. All in all: perfect.

There you have it! Ready to make your Spring stay happen!
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