Smart Safety

Those of us who have ventured into a restaurant lately have quickly learned to use our smart phones to review menu items.  It’s as simple as opening your camera app and focusing on the black and white squares to connect to a webpage.  No paper to touch and instant information at your finger tips. Smart Safety in the times of COVID.

QR Codes and the Vacation Rental Industry

QR codes have experienced a rebirth with our 2020 restrictions. We at Red Barn Vacations have embraced this technology and discovered innovative ways to use it to support our homeowners.  In neighborhoods that allow signage, we have not only added our unique branding, but a qr code to every sign.  The qr code directly leads potential guests to a deeper knowledge of the home that they are standing directly in front of!

How Does it Work?

If you find yourself driving past one of our elite vacation homes, stop, and open up the camera app on your phone.  Point it at the black and white box and you will notice that the qr code will be framed in yellow.  A prompt will appear at the top of your screen, suggesting that you open up the webpage in your browser.  Click on it! As soon as you do, you are able to dive into the property description, interior photographs, floor plans, reviews, and availability.  Easy Peasy.

You can even book the home directly from your smart phone!  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

If you are interested in working with an innovative vacation rental management company that is different by design, call us today!  We would love to talk about your Deep Creek Lake vacation rental home and ways we can protect and promote it.

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